Supermarket Shopping Trolley Accident

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Is it possible to claim compensation for a supermarket shopping trolley accident? I slipped on a wet floor and my trolley tipped over and landed on me as I fell. I broke my wrist and suffered concussion.

It is your legal right to claim compensation for a supermarket shopping trolley accident if you have sustained an injury due to the negligence of the supermarket staff. Establishing supermarket negligence can be difficult without the assistance of a personal injury solicitor, and for this reason you should speak with a solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity. You will be given important advice about claiming compensation for a supermarket shopping trolley accident, and collecting evidence to support your claim.

Whether you are entitled to claim for a shopping trolley accident may depend on where the accident occurred and the nature of the hazard which caused you to slip and fall. Although the supermarket staff should take steps to ensure that the entrance to the store is clean, dry and safe, when it is raining heavily it may be unreasonable to expect the staff to keep the entrance totally dry. It would be assumed that shoppers entering the store would be aware that the floor may be slippery due to the weather conditions and to take extra care.

However if your supermarket shopping trolley accident was caused due to slipping on spilled liquid inside a supermarket, the staff may be deemed to be negligent for failing to clean the spillage promptly. Supermarket operators have to be particularly attentive to floor spillages and the aisles should be monitored frequently. When a spillage is reported or is noticed by the staff, arrangements should be made to clean it immediately. A wet floor hazard sign should also be placed over the hazard until the cleaning staff can mop up the spillage.

A failure to clean spillages promptly can be classed as negligence, and would entitle you to make a supermarket shopping trolley accident claim for compensation. Most supermarkets are particularly diligent when it comes to cleaning and monitoring of the floors. Routine cleaning duties are recorded which can help to identify how long a spillage has been present. When the aisles have not been monitored properly, or when staff should have been expected to clean a spillage and prevent a supermarket shopping trolley accident, a claim for personal injury compensation will be possible.