Supermarket Car Park Accident

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I want to claim compensation for a supermarket car park accident after falling off my bike when I hit a pothole. What do I need to do?

If you have been injured in a supermarket car park accident your first priority must be to ensure that your injuries are treated. Although supermarkets are required to have a trained first aider on site who may administer first aid, this is no substitute for a visit to a doctor or a visit to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. Not only is this important to make sure that your injuries are properly attended to, but it is also a prerequisite for making a claim for compensation for a supermarket car park accident. If you have not yet visited a doctor, you must do so as soon as possible.

Making a report of the supermarket car park accident in the store’s Accident Book is also important. If you have not already done so you should contact the store and report the accident. You should include the reason why the accident occurred, the injuries you sustained and any other pertinent information.

In order to qualify for supermarket car park accident compensation the accident must have been caused by negligence of the supermarket staff and must have involved a failure in a duty of care. A supermarket operator owes a duty of care to customers and must ensure that the store and the supermarket car park are safe to use at all times. While the store is often maintained to a high standard, in some older stores the state of repair of the car park may be poor. If a supermarket car park accident is caused by a pothole or dangerous surface, the supermarket may be found to have been negligent for failing to organise repairs. A claim for compensation for a supermarket car park accident will therefore be possible.

After injuries have been treated and the accident reported you should speak with a personal injury solicitor. It is important that your eligibility to claim compensation for a supermarket car park accident is confirmed. A personal injury solicitor is in the best position to determine whether your accident was caused by negligence and whether you have sufficient evidence to support your claim for an accident in a supermarket car park. A solicitor will advise you of any evidence which still needs to be collected and what you must do next in order to file a claim for supermarket car park accident compensation.

Ideally you should return to the store as soon as your injuries allow you to and you should take photographs of the hazard which caused your accident. You should use an item of a standard size to measure the scale. Photographs of damage to your bike and of your injuries can also be useful.