Slipped on a Lettuce in a Supermarket

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I slipped on a lettuce in a supermarket when I was reaching to take an item from the top shelf and fell awkwardly. Can I claim compensation against the supermarket?

If you slipped on a lettuce in a supermarket this is certainly grounds for making a claim for personal injury compensation. You may think that a slip on a lettuce leaf in a supermarket is a freak accident; however it is a surprisingly common accident in UK supermarkets. Last year many people were injured when they slipped on lettuce in a supermarket, many of whom successfully recovered compensation for the injuries they suffered.

To be eligible to make a lettuce slip injury claim in the UK, you must have sustained an injury as a direct result of slipping on lettuce in a supermarket. Your injury must have been bad enough to warrant seeking medical attention and you should have reported your accident to the supermarket staff and made a written report in the supermarket’s ‘Accident Book’. If you have not made an Accident Book report you should do so without delay. Your report should detail where the slip took place, the circumstances under which the accident occurred, the date and time and any injuries which were sustained.

As with any personal injury claim, in order to claim compensation for having slipped on lettuce in a supermarket you must be able to establish that the accident was the result of negligence and there was a failure in a duty of care. Supermarkets must be kept free from hazards and should be safe for customers to use at all times. When spillages or produce falls from a shelf or is dropped on the floor, it must be cleaned promptly. Failure to ensure the floor surface is cleaned promptly can be classed as negligence. If you can prove that this was the case, you would be entitled to make a claim for a slip on a lettuce leaf against the supermarkets public liability insurance policy.

A claim for compensation for a slip on a lettuce may hinge on whether you can establish that the hazard had not been cleaned in a reasonable time frame. Determining the length of time that a hazard has existed can be problematic and any evidence which can be collected to establish this will help to support a claim. Witness statements can be invaluable, be they from other shoppers or from supermarket employees. Often CCTV footage can be obtained from the supermarket; however evidence such as this may only be available for a limited time. To determine whether you are eligible to make a claim for a slip on a lettuce in a supermarket you should speak with a personal injury solicitor. A solicitor will also assist you proving that you slipped on a lettuce in a supermarket due to negligence of the supermarket.