Slipped on a Grape in Tesco Supermarket

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I slipped on a grape in Tesco supermarket and sprained my ankle and injured my shoulder when I fell awkwardly. Am I entitled to claim compensation?

Personal injury compensation can be claimed for any accident in a supermarket which was caused as a result of negligence of the staff, and if you slipped on a grape in a Tesco supermarket this may entitle you to claim compensation for your injuries. A grape is a tiny hazard, but one of the most dangerous items sold in stores. Stray grapes represent serious slip hazards which may not be confined to the fresh produce section of the supermarket. Grapes can fall easily and roll some distance away from the shelves where the grapes are sold.

Claiming compensation for a slip on a grape in a Tesco supermarket will depend on whether you can establish and prove that the store has been negligent. Despite the danger of grapes on the floor, supermarket staff must be given a reasonable time to identify hazards and remove them. A grape can easily be picked up, but a squashed grape will leave the floor slippery. Cleaning staff will be required to remove such a hazard, and if this is not arranged promptly and the hazard is allowed to remain for an unreasonable time, this can be classed as negligence and would be grounds for making a claim for compensation for having slipped on a grape in Tesco.

It is strongly recommended that you contact a personal injury solicitor about recovering compensation for having slipped on a grape in Tesco. A personal injury solicitor is in the best position to help you establish whether the accident was caused by negligence, and a solicitor will assist you collecting evidence to support a Tesco grape slip compensation claim. Proving negligence without the assistance of a personal injury solicitor after slipping on a grape in Tesco can be difficult.

Fortunately, Tesco was one of the first supermarkets in install CCTV cameras in its stores, and the footage can be supplied to a personal injury solicitor to help establish the length of time that a hazard existed. This can be invaluable when proving that supermarket staff has been negligent.