Privacy Policy

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What is our policy?

It is our policy to guarantee that your privacy is upheld in accordance with all current legislation.

How do we protect your privacy?

We record your personal information on our site by using a number of web forms. We only allow this information to be used by a trained solicitor, at your request, to provide you with the best legal advice available.

Why do we protect your privacy?

We protect your privacy by not storing the information we receive or sharing any private or personal details with any third party marketing companies. We do not employ the use of cookies on our site but we do use some Site Statistics Packages to ensure our web sites operate at the optimum performance levels possible.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a digital record of your browsing history which some websites add these to your browser when you visit their sites. They then have access to details of your browsing habits which they may use for advertising and browsing purposes. Disabling cookies is possible in your Internet Browser settings.

Can I get of copy of any information stored about me?

Under the legislation laid down by the Data Protection Act 1998 you are entitled to provided with a copy of all of the information that we are storing about you. If you would like a copy of this please submit a request to us in writing.