Ear Laceration Claims

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Can I make ear laceration claims against my hairdresser for almost severing my earlobe while cutting my hair?

It is certainly possible to make ear laceration claims against a hairdresser, as any cut represents a serious failure in a duty of care and negligence on the part of your hairdresser. A claim for compensation for a cut ear could be made on the grounds of incompetence or the failure of your hairdresser to exercise due care and attention while cutting your hair.

Even though you have clearly suffered a serious injury at the hands of a professional hairdresser, in order for a claim for a cut ear to be successful you must be able to prove that the injury resulted from the negligence of your hairdresser, and was not primarily caused by your own actions.

The best method of establishing negligence in a claim for a cut ear against a hairdresser would be to obtain a written statement from any witnesses to the accident. You should also return to the hairdressing salon and make a written report of the accident in the hairdresser’s accident book.

When ear laceration claims are made against a hairdresser’s liability insurance policy, there is a strong probability that the insurance company will be willing to settle the claim. The insurance company is likely to be able to make a significant saving on legal costs by making an early offer of compensation for your injury, rather than having to defend a claim for compensation for a cut ear through the courts.

The best way to maximise the probability of a claim for ear lacerations being settled out of court is to use a personal injury solicitor to pursue your claim. The experience of a solicitor can be invaluable when it comes to negotiating a suitable compensation settlement with the defendant’s insurance company. A solicitor can also contact the insurance company directly to make a request to settle a claim for ear lacerations. This can reduce the time it will take to receive an award of compensation.