Compensation Claim for Fractured Bone in Supermarket Accident

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Can I claim fractured bone injury compensation for a fall in a supermarket? I slipped on a fragment of glass in a grocery aisle and fractured my wrist when I landed awkwardly.

Fractured bone injury compensation for slips trips and falls which occur in a supermarket are covered under the supermarket operator´s public liability insurance policy, which every store owner is required to have by law.

There can be many hazards in a supermarket and it is the store operator´s responsibility to keep these down to an acceptable minimum, and make efforts to ensure that hazards are spotted quickly to prevent accidents from occurring. Slippages on items dropped by customers, or items falling from shelves need to be cleaned up quickly. However if slipping hazards are cleaned improperly, they can be even more dangerous as they are harder to see.

In all cases of supermarket injury compensation it is necessary to prove that the store owner has been negligent in their duty of customer care. Hazards need to be quickly identified, warning signs used to prevent accidents, and cleaning needs to effectively remove that hazard. In your case it appears that you have a clear case for fractured bone injury compensation for your injuries, as it appears that a hazard has not been properly dealt with and you sustained an injury as a result. As long as the injury was documented as having taken place at the store and an entry detailed in the accident book, you should have a good case for claiming fractured bone injury compensation for your injuries.

Compensation payments for fractured bone injuries can vary considerably, depending on the nature of the injuries and how they affect each individual. A 74-year old woman has recently been awarded £10,500 fractured bone injury compensation after slipping on a grape in a grocery aisle of the ASDA store in Peterborough. She suffering a closed fracture of the tibial plateau, and the fractured bone injury compensation awarded to her takes into consideration her extended hospital stay and ongoing health problems – in addition to the increased chance of developing osteoarthritis.

A personal injury solicitor would be able to advise you of the fractured bone injury compensation you could expect to receive after examining your case, and it is advisable to contact one at the earliest possible opportunity.