Claim for Falling off a Ladder on a Farm

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I was spray painting the roof of a barn at work when I suddenly became overwhelmed by the fumes and passed out. I sustained soft tissue damage and ligament injuries in my fall and would like to claim for falling off a ladder on a farm. Is the process complicated?

No two claims are the same therefore it is difficult to judge how complicated your claim for falling off a ladder on a farm will be. Several factors can affect your compensation claim and therefore you must judge each on its merits.

Spray paint contains harmful chemicals called isocyanates, employees should only use products containing this chemical when they have the necessary safety equipment and when they are in an area with good ventilation. Employers are required to protect all workers from exposure to chemicals and other substances in the workplace, the regulations governing this are set out in ‘The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. If your employer failed to provide you with the necessary safety equipment then you may be entitled to claim for falling off a ladder on a farm.

You should seek immediate medical care in the aftermath of your accident, health should always be your main priority. This is important as not only will it ensure you enjoy a better recovery but it will also mean that the negligent party’s insurers cannot argue that you contributed to your own injury by failing to seek prompt medical care.

Contact a personal injury solicitor once you have taken care of your health. Making a claim for falling off a ladder on a farm can be a confusing process, a personal injury solicitor will make it much easier to understand and will greatly aid you in building the strongest compensation claim possible. This includes gathering evidence such as photographs of the scene of the accident, a sample of the paint you were using and reports from anybody who saw your fall. He or she will also handle communications with the negligent party’s insurance company, which is important as the insurers may approach you with an early offer of compensation if they believe their policyholder has been negligent.

Upfront offers can be very tempting, especially if your finances are in a precarious position however you must be aware that your employer’s insurers do not have your best interests at heart and it is unlikely their offer of compensation will take into account all the external factors such as age, the state of your health prior to illness and the impact it has had on your personal life.

A personal injury solicitor will be able to calculate the potential value of your claim for falling off a ladder on a farm and advise accordingly as to how you should proceed therefore any offer of compensation should be directed to them.