Woman Compensated for Oversea Holiday Illness

A holidaymaker, who contracted irritable bowel syndrome after a Christmas holiday in Egypt, has been awarded a settlement of compensation for her illness.

Clare Maidment, aged twenty-seven from Washington in Tyne and Wear, went on holiday to Hauza Beach Resort in Sharm-el-Sheik with her partner, Nathan Hawkins, in December 2010. However, just a few days after the couple arrived at the resort, both of the holidaymakers started experiencing symptoms such as diarrhoea, illness and stomach cramps.

Though Nathan’s illness was not too severe, Clare had to make several visits to the resort’s doctor. At one stage, she was administered fluids through an IV drip to help alleviate her dehydration.

Even after her return to England, Clare continued experiencing her illness. She was then diagnosed with post-infective irritable bowel syndrome. As she was receiving treatment, Clare sought legal counsel and proceeded to make a claim against Freedom Travel Group, the organisation through which she organised her Egyptian holiday.

In her legal action, Clare alleged that the resort had substandard hygiene. She claimed that the food in the hotel was served lukewarm and was left uncovered for hours in the heat. Clare also alleged that the public toilet facilities available for guests were not cleaned adequately.

However, liability for Clare’s illness was denied by the tour operators. As such, a date was set in court such that a judge could determine liability and settle the case. Yet three weeks before the court hearing, Freedom Travel made an offer of compensation. Clare, acting on her solicitor’s advice, accepted the offer.

Clare, speaking after the settlement of her holiday illness claim, told the local press that “I’ve had an absolutely horrible time with my symptoms, both while I was in Egypt and since I’ve come back home. Some of the medical tests I’ve been through have been awful and my diagnosis just added insult to injury. Now a settlement has been secured I will finally be able to move on from what I went through and the impact it has had on my day-to-day life.”

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