Supermarket Worker Accident

If you work in a supermarket,and have sustained an avoidable injury due to your employer´s lack of care, you may be entitled to claim for supermarket worker accident compensation. All supermarkets have a duty of care to provide their workers with a safe environment in which to work, and should also perform a risk assessment to ensure that each employee is capable of doing the job assigned to them. If, by their negligence, you suffer an injury which should never have happened, speak with a solicitor on our Supermarket Claims Service about making a supermarket worker accident claim for compensation. Our solicitors will advise you whether or not you have a supermarket accidents compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue and also inform you about your rights at work to make supermarket worker accident claims without risk of repercussions when yu return to work in the supermarket.

Shop Workers to Benefit From Fund for Mesothelioma Victims

In a move that will benefit many former workers in small shops that have since gone out of business, The Minister for Welfare, Lord Freud, has announced that a 300 million pounds compensation fund is to be created to provide compensation for mesothelioma victims unable to trace their previous employer or their previous employer´s insurers.  

Small shops are one of the most common workplace environments for exposure to asbestos particles, the substance that causes mesothelioma – an incurable lung cancer. Punk legend and former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLarend died of mesothelioma because, it is speculated, the ceiling of his former King’s Road, London, clothes store contained asbestos.

The new compensation scheme will be funded by the insurance industry and is expected to benefit approximately 3,000 victims of the occupational disease over the next ten years. Victims will be entitled to claim compensation for diffuse mesothelioma cancer when it can be proven that they have been unable to trace the liable party or their insurers. Workers in large supermarket chains such as Tesco or Asda will not be able to avail of the scheme because they worked in businesses that are still operational.

Toy Shop Compensation for Head Injury Approved in Court

The Circuit Civil Court in Dublin has approved a settlement of injury in toy shop accident compensation for the family of a little girl who suffered a head injury when falling in the capital´s branch of Hamleys.

Brianna Healy (5) of Ballinteer in Dublin, had the top shop accident in February 2009 when she was just two-years-old.  The young girl fell and hit her head at the Hamleys Toy Store in the Dundrum Shopping Centre, and, as Mr Justice Matthew Deery at the Circuit Civil Court heard, “split her head open”.

Brianna´s accident has left her with a permanent scar on her head, and although Hamleys accepted liability for Brianna´s injury her father Steven – through whom Brianna made the claim for injury in toy shop compensation – told the judge that the initial offer of compensation had been rejected.

Mr Justice Matthew Deery was made aware that an improved offer of injury in toy shop compensation of 27,500 Euros had been negotiated, and the case was before him for approval. After seeking confirmation that the offer was agreeable to Brianna´s father, the judge approved the settlement.