Accident in Morrisons Supermarket

If you sustain an injury due to a preventable accident in Morrisons Supermarket, you may be eligible to claim supermarket accident compensation if the supermarket managers or staff in the store were negligent in their actions – or lack of them. Not every accident in Morrisons supermarket will qualify for injury compensation for although Morrisons have a duty of care to provide customers with a safe environment in which to shop, that duty of care is not absolute. Therefore, if Morrisons have not had a “reasonable” amount of time to identify a hazard and eliminate the risk of injury – such as food dropped on the floor or goods left unsafely on a shelf by another customer – it may be difficult to claim compensation for an accident in Morrisons Supermarket. Therefore, it is always in your best interests to discuss the circumstances of your accident in Morrisons Supermarket with an experienced solicitor on our Supermarket Claims Service for a free case assessment – without obligation – and to ensure that you have a Morrisons Supermarket accident claim for compensation which is worth your while to pursue.

Compensation Claim for Accident in Morrisons Settled

A woman, who successfully appealed a court ruling that she was equally at fault for the injuries she sustained when she fell over in a supermarket, has been awarded £44,000 in her compensation for an accident in Morrisons.  

Jean Palfrey (79) from St Annes Chapel in Cornwall suffered serious injuries to her arms and shoulders when she fell over a low-loading trolley used to take goods into her local Morrisons shop in Tavistock, Cornwall in November 2008. The injuries she sustained were so serious that she stayed in hospital for three months with fractures to both humerus bones and was unable to carry out household tasks for a further two years. She still is taking a course of painkillers to cope with the pain she often feels and one of her arms is now shorter in length than the other.

This week Jean’s legal team solicitors successfully appealed the initial verdict in her injury compensation claim for falling in Morrisons – that she was jointly to blame for her injuries as she had said she had noticed the trolley before she judged incorrectly where she was going and tripped over it – after Lord Justice Moses stated ”Shoppers walking up and down aisles in supermarkets are expected to be attracted by what is on the shelves and do not expect to have to look towards the ground”.

Regardless of this, Lord Justice Moses concurred with legal representatives from Morrisons that they were not completely at fault for Jean’s fall, and allocated her 20 percent contributory negligence – thus reducing the award of compensation agreed between the parties in settlement of Jean’s compensation claim for an accident in Morrisons from £55,000 to £44,000.

Young Girl Receives Compensation for Shop Display Injury

An 11-year-old girl, who seriously cut her leg on a stand displaying cakes in a supermarket, has had her settlement of compensation for shop display injury approved at the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin.

The court was informed how Jade Earls had been shopping in the Cornelscourt branch of Dunnes Stores July 16, 2010. As she walked by a display stand for cakes, Jade caught her leg on rusty nails exposed on a piece of wood which was hanging down from the display.

Judge Alan Mahon was told that Jade susatined a ten centimetre abrasion and a four centimetre laceration which – although it had gotten better – lead to a permanent scar on her left leg. Through her mother – Fidelma – Jade made a compensation claim for faulty shop display injury against Dunnes Stores and the company responsible for the cake display stand – ABF Grain products of Grosvenor Street, London.  This type of accident might seem fairly uncommon, but trips and slips in supermarkets are very common.

The judge was also told that Dunnes Stores and ABF Grain Products had admitted liability for Jade´s accident on a 60/40 basis, and that an offer of compensation for faulty shop injury amounting to 12,000 Euros plus legal expenses had been tabled, which the family were willing to accept.

The settlement was granted approval by the court.

Compensation Fall Settlement Agreed in Tesco Wet Floor Claim

A pensioner from Worcestershire, who broke a bone in his foot after he fell on a wet floor in Tesco, has been awarded an undisclosed four-figure settlement for his Tesco wet floor injury claim.

Ronald Fryer (80) from Whittington in Worcestershire was going into the Tesco store in St. Peter´s Drive, Worcester in October 2009, when he slipped on a wet floor by the entrance to the shop.

The retired cricket umpire was taken to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital where X-rays revealed that Ronald had broken a metatarsal bone in his foot.

After recuperating from his injury, Ronald sought legal guidance and established that he was eligible to make a Tesco wet floor injury claim due to a breach in Tesco´s duty of care towards its customers.

After lengthy negotiations over how much compensation for slipping on a wet floor in Tesco Ronald should be entitled to, the company made a four-figure offer in settlement of Ronald´s Tesco wet floor injury claim which he was advised to take.