January 2015

Cameraman Awarded Compensation for French Accident

A cameraman has settled his injury claim for an accident that caused him to lose his right leg whilst filming in France.

The accident occurred during October 2015 when Noel Greaves-Lord, fifty-two from Worthing in West Sussex was filming in Cannes. One of the Ducati motorbikes that he was filming skidded and lost control as it manoeuvred around a corner and collided with Mr Greaves-Lord, who suffered a severely broken right leg and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Mr Greaves-Lord had previously worked with BBC and ITV.

Several operations were carried out on Mr Greaves-Lord in an attempt to reconstruct his ankle. However, it was necessary to amputate after he contracted MRSA whilst in hospital. The leg was amputated from the knee down in November 2011.  Mr Greaves-Lord  then returned to England and sought the advice of a solicitor in order to make an injury claim for the accident against the driver of the motorcycle that hit him.

The Italian driver of the Ducati conceded liability, but a settlement agreement was delayed until an assessment of Mr Greaves-Lord’s future requirements could be carried out. Mr Greaves-Lord has since received an undisclosed settlement that accounts for the pain he suffered, his loss of earnings (as he has been rendered unable to work) and his future care needs. Mr Greaves-Lord states that “I am pleased and relieved that my legal battle has come to a conclusion and I can now focus completely on rebuilding my life and continue with my recovery and rehabilitation. The last four years have been devastating and the injuries I sustained in France have had a huge impact on my life”.

French compensation claims are very different to their UK equivalents; though liability is much more likely to be admitted, the settlements themselves are often for a much lower value than what would be received in the United Kingdom.