February 2014

Worker Receives Compensation for Face Injury

A compensation settlement of £500,000 has been awarded to a former welder after he sustained injuries to his face at work.

The man, aged forty-nine and anonymous, was working for the Hulme Group at a commercial vehicle repairs facility in Trafford Park, Manchester, when the accident occurred in 2008. The welder was endeavouring to weld two pieces of steel together when the hydraulic jack that was being used to support the steel sheets he was working on moved and hit his face.

The injuries that the man sustained were severe; the sheet smashed his left eye socket and inflicted nerve damage upon his left cheek. A total of five surgeries were carried out on the man in an attempt to reconstruct his eye socket, and he is continuing to receive deep brain stimulation therapy for the pain in his cheek.

The former welder is unable to leave his home without wearing a prosthetic mask that will shield his damaged face from the weather and pollutants.

The man sought legal counsel after speaking with a representative of his union, and subsequently made a claim for the injuries he sustained at work. His employers have previously been issued with improvement notices from the Health and Safety Executives for unrelated offences, and they admitted liability for the man’s accident. Negotiations for the settlement then commenced between the parties.

The settlement was eventually resolved for £500,000. When this was announced, the man who had been injured stated that “They never established exactly what was wrong with the jack but the fact is that it wasn’t safe work equipment. I was a healthy and active man before my accident, and in a split second my freedom and independence were taken away from me.”