January 2013

Shop Sign Accident Compensation Claim Won by Woman

A woman was injured by a falling sign at a shoe shop has had her shop sign accident compensation claim resolved in court.

Court at Bournemouth and Poole County were advised how the claimant in question, Ms Benham, was walking along the street past the tReds shoe shop in Old Christchurch Street, Bournemouth, in October 2010, when the metal 15 feet long shop sign fell from the fascia and bashed her on her head.

The sixty-one year-old woman was at first medically treated at the scene of her accident by emergency services  after a witness to her accident called 999, and was then brought to hospital where she was diagnosed with a blunt closed head injury.

Once Ms Benham had recovered from her initial trauma, she sought legal guidance and made a compensation claim for a shop sign accident against tReds – alleging that not only had she suffered a head injury due to their alleged neglect in establishing or maintaining a proper system of periodical maintenance or inspection of the sign in question, but had also suffered from anxiety throughout the subsequent year.

The propietors of the shoe shop – Treds LLP – contested the shop sign injury claim and did not accept their liability for Ms Benham’s injuries, commenting that they regularly carried out visual inspections of the store sign. As no acceptable resolution of Ms Benham’s shop sign accident claim was possible by negotiation, court proceedings were issued against Treds LLP.

At Bournemouth and Poole County Court, Ms Benham’s solicitors showed evidence to prove that the shop sign had fallen because the wooden fascia to which it was linked had become rotten and tReds carried out a limited system of inspection from the ground which was not sufficient to identify the rot that was present in the wooden fascia board. Finding on behalf of the claimant, Judge Maston awarded Ms Benham £1,800 compensation for her shop sign accident.