March 2012

Tescos Compensation for Leg Injury in Paid to Pensioner

A court in Leicester has told how an elderly pensioner was paid an undisclosed amount of Tesco compensation for leg injury after she was hit by a pallet trolley in her local store.

The formal hearing, which was called to determine the severity of the health and safety fine after Tescos accepted liability for the injury, heard how Angela Pownell (80) from Beaumont Leys, Leicestershire, had been struck on the leg by the pallet trolley while shopping with her husband in August 2009.

District Judge John Temperley heard the impact of the pallet trolley – which was heavily loaded with boxes of televisions – had torn strips of skin away from Angela´s leg and she was rushed to Leicester Royal Infirmary where she received stitches and painkillers for her injuries.

The court was told that a district nurse was needed to visit to change Angela´s dressing  daily after the incident in Tescos, and that she suffered psychological injuries thereafter. Angela´s husband, John, testified that Angela lost her confidence after the injury and would not go anywhere in public without holding somebody else´s hand.

Angela and John had accepted an undisclosed Tescos compensation for leg injury settlement and, after hearing that the warehouseman who had been pulling the pallet truck at the time admitted that he had not seen Angela, District Judge John Temperley fined Tescos 20,000 pounds and ordered them to pay 24,500 pounds in costs.