January 2012

Asda Store Slip Results in 10,500 Pounds Compensation

An Asda shopper, who fell on a grape and damaged his back, has won a three year fight for personal accident injury compensation.

Thomas Wardle of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, was in the Rivergate branch of Asda in January 2008, when he fell on a grape that had been left on the ground in an aisle and fell to the floor – badly injuring himself in the process.

After seeking legal counsel, Thomas sued Asda – claiming that their lack of cleanliness had caused pain and suffering – and, at Peterborough County Court, a judge ruled in Thomas´ favour, awarding him 10,500 pounds in compensation and admonishing the supermarket´s general record on health and safety.

The judge´s verdict may influence two further cases due to be heard in Peterborough County Court later this year – both against the Rivergate branch of Asda, and both for some injuries suffered due to a lack of cleanliness in January 2008

Asda Worker Awarded Supermarket Injury Compensation

A former Asda employee has been awarded 27,000 pounds in supermarket injury compensation after hurting her back when slipping on a broken egg in the store´s warehouse.

Irene Heslop (65) picked up her injuries in March 2007 while employed as a bakery assistant in the Hulme Asda store in Greater Manchester. Doctors diagnosed her with a suspected spinal fracture which left her not able to walk long distances or carry heavy objects.

As her condition got better, Irene asked that Asda put her on lighter duties in order that she could return to work. The company declined this request, and Irene continue to draw Statutory Sick Pay until the six month period expired after which time she received industrial injury benefit at 24 pounds per week.

After seeking legal guidance, Irene registerd a claim for supermarket injury compensation against the Asda store in Hulme which was supported by doctors at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. After carrying outtheir own investigation, Asda acknowledged that Irene´s lifestyle had been seriously curtailed by the accident and agreed to a 27,000 pounds personal injury compensation settlement.

Falling on Wet Floor in Shopping Centre Compensation Awarded

A woman, who suffered shoulder and hip injuries when slipping on the access bridge to a Leicestershire shopping centre, has won a compensation settlement for falling on wet floor in a shopping centre against the owners of the site.

Gweneth Bowler was at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester with her daughter when the incident occured in January 2011. The 64-year old grandmother was crossing a covered walkway which joins the shopping centre car park with the other shops, when she slipped on a wet surface and fractured her right shoulder and hip in the fall.

While recovering from her injuries, Gweneth wrote to Leicester City Council about the danger, leading the council to initiate a health and safety inspection. The inspection showed many areas where the owners of the premises – Hammerson PLC – were negligent in their health and safety obligations including a lack of cleaning to prevent the floor surface of the walkway from becoming slippery in bad weather.

After taking legal counsel, Gweneth registered a claim for slips, trips and falls compensation against Hammerson PLC and, with negligence by the owners already established, the claim was quickly resolved for an undisclosed amount.