Accident in Subway

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I was injured in an accident in Subway. As I collected my order, an advertising sign fell and hit me on my shoulder, and I fell backwards and spilled my coffee. The accident in Subway resulted in burns to my face and neck, and concussion which lasted for days. Can I claim compensation for the accident in Subway, and how much compensation will I receive?

Your brief description of the accident in Subway suggests that an accident in Subway claim for compensation is possible in this instance, as it appears to involve a clear case of negligence. Overhead advertising boards must be properly secured, must not present a danger either to Subway staff or customers and they should be sufficiently secure so that a breeze or draught does not cause advertising signs to fall.

Accident in subway compensation can be claimed for any injury that you sustained in the accident; however you must have sought medical attention for your injuries. Many people who are hit on the head and suffer concussion are ill for days, but do not seek medical attention for their injuries. Concussion and minor burns are often treated at home and are not deemed to be of sufficient importance to warrant a trip to a hospital or a visit to a GP. Seeking proper medical treatment however is a prerequisite for making any claim for personal injury compensation and you should have sought medical attention as soon as possible after your accident in Subway. A personal injury compensation solicitor will use your medical record as evidence of injury in a claim for accident in Subway compensation.

Although a claim for an accident in Subway can be pursued without legal representation, it is strongly advisable to seek the advice of a personal injury compensation solicitor and to fight for compensation with professional legal representation. An experienced personal injury compensation solicitor will conduct a thorough assessment of your injuries, and will calculate your maximum entitlement to accident in Subway compensation. It is not possible to give a figure for compensation without specific details of your injuries and access to your medical records.

As for the amount of accident in Subway compensation that you receive, this too is complicated to calculate. Most claims for accident and injury compensation are settled out of court, and may not result in the full entitlement being received. Although it is possible to obtain the full entitlement without a court appearance, sometimes it is necessary to take a claim to the UK courts in order for the full entitlement to compensation to be awarded. Your chosen personal injury compensation solicitor would discuss any offer with you and would give their opinion on whether it is worthwhile to take the matter before a judge to settle.

Even though it is difficult to give an accurate figure of the Subway accident compensation you are entitled to claim without a full analysis of your case, a personal injury compensation solicitor would be able to give you an idea of the value of your claim after discussing the accident in Subway with you and after listening to an explanation of your injuries.