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I had an accident in Pizza Hut which was caused by a slip on lettuce had been dropped next to the salad bar. The slip in Pizza Hut was due to a customer dropping food and was not the fault of the Pizza Hut staff. Is it possible to claim accident in Pizza Hut compensation?


An accident in Pizza Hut that was caused by a spillage or dropped salad items can result in a successful claim for restaurant injury compensation against Pizza Hut’s public liability insurance policy, regardless of who was responsible for causing a spillage or creating a hazard. Only when the victim of an accident has caused the hazard themselves would a claim for an accident in Pizza Hut be unlikely to succeed.

It is the responsibility of Pizza Hut staff to regularly check the floor for potential hazards, and they must ensure that any area which is accessible to the public is free from hazards and that any spillages or dropped items are removed promptly. In restaurants, waitresses and waiters constantly bring food to the tables and should be alert and on the lookout for any potential dangers to customers. The hazard should have been spotted and cleaned up before your slip in Pizza Hut occurred. However, if the lettuce had only just been dropped, it is not reasonable to expect that Pizza Hut staff could respond immediately.

Although the accident in Pizza Hut could well be due to the inattentiveness of staff and constitute negligence, there are other factors which can also affect your eligibility to claim accident in Pizza Hut compensation. It is not clear from your question whether you sustained an injury after your slip in Pizza Hut and this is a prerequisite for making any personal injury compensation claim. Simply slipping in Pizza Hut and falling does not mean that you have a valid claim if you have not been injured. Only if you have sustained an injury and have sought medical attention will you be eligible to claim compensation for an accident in Pizza Hut.

As with any personal injury which is sustained due to the action – or in this case inaction – of a third party, you should seek professional legal advice about making a claim for compensation. It is essential to determine whether you are in fact eligible to make a claim and it is important to have an idea of the how strong your claim is. Making an accident in Pizza Hut claim for compensation may not be totally free of charge under all eventualities. Initiating a weak claim for compensation due to an accident in Pizza Hut could see you liable for considerable legal costs if the claim fails.

If you speak to a personal injury solicitor with experience in making restaurant injury compensation claims, you will be able to determine whether it is worth your while to pursue a claim for compensation against Pizza Hut for your injuries.